In case you couldn't tell these are some of my friends.  Most of the guys are on their missions somewhere in the world.  They got to leave Utah before I did, which I don't think is that fair.  To all my homies out there I wish you the best of luck because you will probably never see me again.  


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Wow I need a hair cut

Nat, Me, and Steph?

Don't I look nice

We like each other a lot

farewell T

I'm so strong

I wish this is what I wore on my mission

Here we come to save the night

I hope I don't fall over

What in the world?

We need hemp

Like my smile

Cake anyone


I can't breathe


We're homies

Spencer the hood

We graduated!

Need a bike

Larry, Moe, & Curly

Kam and Kim

Another thumbs up

All smiles

Nice Tie

It's over

This is how I am paying for my mission

Get out of the way

I think I'm right here?

I finally learned how to stand up.

My face is stuck.

Why's the light not on but I can see light?






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